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Article: An Open Letter: To the heart who needs a little love

an open letter: to the heart who needs a little love

An Open Letter: To the heart who needs a little love

Dear, you

Things must be hard for your heart right now. That’s okay. I want you to take this letter and read it over and over until you feel like the world isn’t crashing down on you; until you stop thinking that you’re stupid; until you stop blaming yourself for feeling the way you do.


No, not everything's alright, and that's okay.

Life can feel like an unstoppable force of nature just waiting to demolish your every waking hour, but you, you, you’re more powerful than you think and braver than you believe. Allow yourself to feel every emotion you’re going through and allow time for your heart to heal.


Home is where the heart is, your heart is your home; protect your home; it’s there to impact lives and it’s there to love; don’t waste such a precious thing on hate or malice, it won’t get you anywhere. So, allow yourself to breathe. Allow yourself to make mistakes and allow yourself to learn.


The pain in your heart won’t last forever, nothing does. So, don’t hold on to the useless things in life. Treasure each passing moment. Treasure yourself for the silent battles you fight, and treasure yourself because you are amazing just the way you are. Your heart is capable of holding so much love and so much beauty, and it does, but rarely do you use it for yourself.


You are so precious and so amazing. Your destiny is yet to be written in these stars and it’s waiting for you each and every day; each star waiting to become something greater. And one day, those same stars will explode, and all of a sudden, just like a supernova, you become this giant ball of light whose brightness is nothing less than tantalizing.


You weren’t born to transcend yourself; you were born to become yourself completely.



hugs and kisses,

 the me team

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