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Article: Caring for Your Mental Health at the "Workplace"

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Caring for Your Mental Health at the "Workplace"

As the years and seasons have gone by, so have our lives. A year or two ago, most of the girls in The ME Team were in University/College. Now, we've moved on into expanding our brand and turning our passion project into a small business and settling into careers. Change is unavoidable but with that comes a wealth of experience, growth and learning.

As a part of the "pandemic times" some of us have been working from home. In our case, all of us have been. I was naïve to think that working from home would be the best thing ever. I could avoid small talks, getting ready for work, transporting to work and waking up early to get ready, just to name a few. Yet, I find myself too isolated within the four corners of my bedroom walls where I find myself waking up next to my work desk and going to bed next to my work desk.

It's become increasingly difficult to manage a healthy balance of work and life. Prioritizing my mental health has not been easy but I am trying. I am very much still in the midst of this rut, but I wanted whoever is reading this to know, you're not alone, it's difficult, but there are ways to make sure you can be comfortable and even happy while managing a healthy lifestyle at home and at work.


  1. Take breaks

This has been mentioned several times on our past blog posts, but it's because this is the most important advice we can give. Our hectic schedules at home and at work often gets too overbearing and we tend to forget to take breaks here and then. Taking breaks is important because not only does it recharge you physically, but you get to take a step back and have a clear picture of thing you need to prioritize. This is definitely underrated advice. Removing yourself from the picture or taking a couple of minutes to detach will help greatly.


    1. Talk to someone

    Whether it's with your family, friends, co-workers or a professional, it is very important to share your thoughts and talk to someone about your problems. This can help release built-in emotions that take a toll on your mental health over time. Working form home is enough as it is, we don't need the extra burden of suppressed emotions, especially when we have deadlines to meet. If you live in Canada, you can text 686868 at any time to speak to a crisis responder. If you're in any type of crisis or just simply need someone to talk to about your problems, you can access this 24/7.


      1. Read self-help books / listen to podcasts

      I wish I had discovered this earlier during university, but I have been obsessed with uplifting podcasts and books that help improve my wellbeing. Podcasts have been my go-to especially when I don't have time to read a book, as I can easily put one on while I'm getting ready for work, making breakfast or even cleaning my room (if I'm not blasting music, it's podcasts). It also teaches me valuable lessons that I can use in both my personal and professional life. What I love the most about it is that I get to listen to other people's opinions and expand my knowledge about certain topics and issues and think less about work-related tasks (given the appropriate time).


        1. Don't procrastinate

        Ah, the one thing we ALL have in common - procrastination. We are all guilty of pushing some work aside and leaving things at the last minute, but please do yourself a favour and avoid doing this at all costs! Trust me, your future self will thank you. I would know, as I've obtained the "clutch queen" title from my peers since I tend to push back any tasks not due right away. "Due tomorrow, do tomorrow," am I right? WRONG! Not only does this produce the worst quality outcomes, but this also risks you missing your deadline if you underestimate the time you'll need to work on a task or project. Instead, start working on your projects early and in increments, so you're not too stressed out about them. This also allows you to take breaks in between. Don't forget to reward yourself with a meal or an episode of your favourite show once you're done!


          1. Exercise

          This is also a staple in our blog posts and something we will always stand by. Physical activity plays a very important role in our mental state, not only because it makes us look and feel healthier, but it also enables the release of endorphins, which are responsible for the euphoria and satisfaction we feel after a good workout. They also help in coping with pain and stress. On top of taking breaks, if you're in the office and your building has a free gym, feel free to utilize that! Or even just take a quick walk around the halls; you'll be sure to see a difference immediately!


            Times have been changing but that doesn't mean you are to be prioritized any less. I am slowly learning to accept and understand this concept. You deserve to rest, have breaks, have a life, and not feel stress about work OUTSIDE WORK HOURS, *ehem, again to name a few. If this post resonated with you, please feel free to leave a comment on our Instagram or down below. We would love to interact with you guys ❤️


            In the meantime, stay safe, stay happy and know you will be okay.

            the me team

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