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Article: Where have we been?

where have we been? behind the scenes

Where have we been?

We are finally back! (screams in excitement) We have missed being here on the blog and writing for you. I feel like we have been away for so long, but we are back! We have so much news to tell you. It’s been an interesting time while we’ve been away…

We have so much to tell you. First off, welcome to our brand new website! Through many meetings, trials and errors we’ve come to find a place called “home” for our blog posts and candles. Secondly, we made candles! Ahhhhhhhhh. If you’ve been following our Instagram page, this may not come as a surprise to you. We launched our candles back on October 18 and it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for us.


The New Website

First off, let’s talk about our brand-new website. If you have been with us since the beginning, then you might remember what our website looked like back then. Our blog represented who we were in each stage of our lives. Back then then you could tell we were very young and so was our brand. As we matured, so did our brand and our voices. Thankfully, with your support and the grace of God, we have finally made it to a place where we are happy with our website. This new face of the blog finally represents our growth not only as individuals but as a brand and the future of The ME Project.

This new website is made to be more accessible to new and existing readers and customers.  We have made it simple to navigate the website whether you are here to shop, or here to read our latest posts. 


The Candles

Second in our list is our beloved little babies! The first product in our selfcare line is our candles. After over a year of studying how to create the perfect set of candles and then actually producing them, it has been our greatest pride and joy. We released our first collection of candles back in October. We decided to start with three scents that are each unique but belong together as a trio. The three scents are: Paraiso, After Dark and Bed Peace. Every is topped with locally sourced dried petals, buds, and leaves. Each candle containing a crystal is great for decorating, keeping, meditating with and a great company for when you need a great atmosphere.


The Scents

Paraiso is inspired by our Filipino background as one of its main ingredients is the sampaguita flower. Sampaguita is our country’s national flower, so many Filipinos would immediately recognize the scent. 

After dark is one of my personal favorites as it’s got such a unique mixture of bergamot, cedar, and musk. It smells so fresh and clean. When this candle is burned, any room will be filled with an inviting scent. 

Bed Peace also has such a special place in my heart because everyone that takes a whiff of this candle says that this scent is nothing like they’ve ever smelled before. The perfect mixture of lavender and eucalyptus is so calming and grounding. This candle truly smells like relaxation and cozying up in your bed. 

After 2.5 months since the release of our candles, we are proud to say that we have sold out of our first collection, it brings me so much joy to type this out and tell you this news. We had a very successful launch and we received so much support from so many of you. We are so grateful for all your support. Every candle, from the wax to the packaging to the box is handled and made with so much care and love. 


The Markets

On Nov 27, we went to our first market, and it went perfectly. We stayed up till 3am the night before to work on the little details of our market. Details like embossing our bags, making our care cards, preparing details for our stand etc. We could barely sleep because we were both so nervous and excited. When we got to the event it made every minute of our hard work so worth it. I remember when we made our first sale, we had to take a moment afterwards to just shriek in excitement. We have scheduled more markets to attend in the future so you will get more updates when that comes. 


The Relaunch

Finally for the final update, the relaunch of our blog. We’re so excited to finally be back to writing and sharing posts with you guys. We are going to be taking a different approach for our posts because again as individuals we feel that our voices have matured, and we feel like the blog needs could take a fresh new direction from here on out.

The plan is to expand The ME Project as a blog to be bigger than us. We want to use our platform for your voices to be heard and for your stories to be told. We also plan to introduce a new series in the blog. There are some ideas we’ve discussed of what we plan to do. If you guys have some suggestions of what you would like us to talk about, please feel free to let us know.


The New Voices

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, we plan on introducing new and fresh voices on our blog. So, with that, we would like to introduce to you our first part-time hire, my little sister, Mady. She is excited to use her voice to speak about important matters to her and her younger generation. She will be one of our new writers that will bring light to our younger audience. This way, The ME Project can truly help every individual.

Okay so as you can see, there is so much going on and so much more to come. We have not forgotten the blog; in fact, we are so excited to resume posting and create new content for you all! It’s been a wonderful ride and we are not only ecstatic to continue, but happy to welcome another member to the track. We welcome you, Mady! And as for you lovely folks, we will see you with another brand-new blog post next week!


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